Save $70 on the PiYo and Shakeology Challenge Pack!

This offer will be through the entire month of September, you can save $70 with the PiYo and Shakeology Challenge Pack! Define every inch of your body without bulking up or straining your joints. Chalene Johnson’s low-impact, high-intensity workout gives you strength training, flexibility, and cardio—all at once! No weights. No jumps. Just hardcore results. I enjoyed this workout while getting in shape and having fun.

Plus you’ll get Shakeology, the healthiest super food shake of the day, that will help you reduce cravings, and increase energy for those tough workouts, and a free 30-day membership to Team Beachbody Club. And now you can also SAVE over $95, and KICKSTART your results with the 3-Day Refresh – a 3 day weight loss program to help break the cycle of bad eating, and get your health and energy back on track. It’s the ultimate tool to feel refreshed and ready to start your PiYo Challenge! So take advantage of our best offer this September, and SAVE $70 on the PiYo and Shakeology Challenge Pack or save over $95 on the PiYo Kickstart and Shakeology Challenge Pack!

Cell: 1-206-334-4906


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